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Storybook Without Words by Kirsty Mitchell Described as a...

Storybook Without Words by Kirsty Mitchell

Described as a multifaceted artist, award winning British fine art photographer Kirsty Mitchell draws on her past careers in fashion design and costume making, to produce images of beguiling dream-like worlds all shot in the English landscape surrounding her home. 

Kirsty describes her approach as “Fantasy for Real” spending months meticulously handcrafting her characters costumes and props to coincide with the bloom of wild flowers, and the seasonal extremes of her local environment. Some pieces have taken up to 5 months to create every element by hand, and over a year to plan.

After a decade of working as a fashion designer, in 2008 Kirsty returned to her early love of photography and began a new and deeply emotional connection with the medium during the treatment of her mother’s terminal cancer. Following her tragic loss, 9 months later Kirsty immersed herself into what became an unexpected and life changing series entitled “Wonderland”; intended as a book in her mother’s memory. 

The sudden international recognition for her work led Kirsty to leave her fashion career behind in 2011, to pursue her future as a fine art photographer with articles being published by the BBC News, Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar, The Guardian, Spiegel Online, The Picture Professional and Germany’s ‘Stern’ magazine to name a few.  via

You can see much more of Mitchell’s photography on her Flickr.

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