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Nude dancers are censored by carefully programmed drones in Japanese ad campaign

To promote their latest stock of clothing, online Japanese retailer BUYMA has realized a commercial campaign that cleverly integrates technology, design and dance. the scene stars two completely naked dancers that perform a routine alongside Tchaikovsky’s ‘swan lake suite’, whilst a fleet of carefully programmed drones perfectly move in tandem — censoring their most intimate body parts. humorously, the drones, each clutching a small sheet of white paper, cover and conceal the dancers’ not-suitable-for-work areas as they leap and launch their bodies around the stage. what starts out with two dancers quickly progresses into a highly orchestrated scene, with multiple drones joining in to help hide bouncing breasts and flailing phallic parts. finally, the closing slide of the short feature displays the phrase ‘buy clothes’. The intimate body parts of two dancers are cleverly concealed by flying drones .

Thanks to  Designboom and Prosthetic Knowledge

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