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Geometry in Photography by AMEXXVThe photographer known as...

Geometry in Photography by AMEXXV

The photographer known as AMEXXV is 22 years old and lives in London, UK. He got into photography by taking a short module on photography while getting a degree in Film & TV Production. In his photos he uses the geometry of the modern world and then with photomanipulation plays with that geometry. AMEXXV uses not only a conventional digital camera but also a cell phone to take and edit his pictures. He says about using a phone for taking pictures,

I really like it, I like that a photo and idea can be instantly sent out to loads of people… I do like that with my phone I can (usually) take and edit my photos a lot quicker…Then you can get feedback straight away.

AMEXXV also creates beautiful gif art. You can see more of his work on his instagram.  

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