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Disturbing images of John Brosio John Brosio was born in...

Disturbing images of John Brosio

John Brosio was born in Pasadena, California and received a BFA from University of California at Davis. Prior to that he attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.The tornado in his work represents a perfect blend of mythology and science. He find it easy to imagine it being alive and unpredictable, to view it as a god or agent thereof. One sees this mile high banshee choosing certain targets and skipping others like a jittery reaper.

Being witness to the birth, entire life, death, and interim behavior of a tornado was for Brosio witnessing a creature greater than human and hearing the footfall of a giant. And akin to a human, after all the wonder and speculation, it is returned to a mass of animated dust.  via

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