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Casa Do Penedo- A real-life ‘Flintstones house’ carved between four granite boulders

On a remote hillside in Northern Portugal, a particularly odd house stands proudly at the top totally blending  into the surrounding area. Why?- Because it’s completely made out of stone.Some compare it to Flinstones’ house, we won’t because we’ve realized we do that comparison a lot, although this time the resemblance is uncanny.

The magnificent “Modern stone age” structure is an architectural monument located in  the Fafe mountains of northern Portugal (about 10 kilometers northeast of Fafe’s city center ). The secluded stone house with an exterior that instantly associate with the Flinstones’s house was built from four large boulders that serve as the foundation, walls, and ceiling of the house.

Casa Do Penedo dubbed by the locals literally can be translated as  Stone House Or Cliff Hosue (penedo means big rock in  the Portuguese language).

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