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'Brick Midget House' it's only habitable if you are shorter than three-and-half-feet tall (13 Pics)

When Anna Jones and her husband, Matt, bought their property on Queen Anne Road in Brick, NJ in 2000, they didn’t realize they were inheriting a community landmark. The couple who originally owned the property built a special playhouse for their grandchildren behind the main house. This tiny structure, which cannot comfortably accommodate anyone taller than 3½ feet, has turned Jones into somewhat of a local celebrity.

The property is available for sale, but at the time of this publication there is no asking price; Jones is open to offers. “We haven’t really come up with a concrete number yet. I listed it on one of those garage sale auction sites and set the starting bid at $10,000. But people have to understand that to excavate it and move it is not going to be cheap. Water lines have to be capped, because there is running water to it. I’m not an engineer, so I’m not sure of all that that would entail.”

So what’s so special about this playhouse?

This 1960’s playhouse is a fully-functioning house that’s sized for children!

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