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Sculptures Made from White Paper by Angela Glajcar Angela...

Sculptures Made from White Paper by Angela Glajcar

Angela Glajcar born in 1970 is a German artist who chooses paper as her main material to sculpt, proposing dueling analyses of the everyday medium. Started in 2005, her ongoing “Terforation” series is not just on paper, but also made of paper. The artist tears inner paths through overlapped layers of paper which are either laid on the floor, hung from above, or hung on the wall. These lacerations create dramatic shadows from the light within the hollows, transcending the biodimensional limits of the pages. 

Pure white paper often considered fragile and delicate takes on an unequaled strength and consistency in Glajcar’s works. The exact lines of the paper’s edges strongly contrast the receding inner rips, illustrating a human being’s dichotomy always divided between rational and emotional sides. via

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