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Fantasy Art by Julie Dillon Julie Dillon (born in 1982) is an...

Fantasy Art by Julie Dillon

Julie Dillon (born in 1982) is an American artist specializing in science fiction and fantasy art. She received a BFA in Fine Arts from Sacramento State University in 2005, with continued education at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco and Watts Atelier. 

 A freelance illustrator, Dillon has created images for games, book and magazine covers, and covers for musical albums. Dillon’s work has been nominated for the Chesley Award three times, as well  was nominated for the World Fantasy Award for Best Artist in 2012 and received the Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist in 2014 and 2015. She also received two Chesley Awards in 2015 for the Best Cover Illustrations for a magazine and a hardback book. Dillon lives and works in California. 

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