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Croatian Sea Organ That Plays Music From Waves

After WWII reconstruction began in Zadar, Croatia. A demolished beach was left behind and construction began in order to revive the area. The area had one huge eyesore however after construction was done. One seemingly untouched long concrete shoreline. Croatian architect Nikola Basic decided to make a change to the unflattering scenery and developed something that is drawing bigger crowds every day. He designed a fairly simple system that harnesses the power of the beautiful ocean surrounding the concrete beach. The system he created utilizes the natural movements of the Adriatic Sea and the winds to create soothing and harmonizing sounds that are ever-changing with the tides and the current. The concrete beach has a series of holes and tubes that are at the waters level. When the waves hit, pressure is forced into these holes creating magical sounds that escape through vents higher up in the system. Take a look at the first Croatian sea organ ever made and have a listen below. It is entrancing to say the least.

It was once an ugly and long section of concrete that offered no escape to enjoy the beautiful Adriatic Sea lining Zadar.

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