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Captivating Plasticine Art from Nora UndaNora (1982 ) graduated...

Captivating Plasticine Art from Nora Unda

Nora (1982 ) graduated in Arts with a major in Visual Arts (2006 ) , titled Sculptor with distinction at the University of Chile (2009 ) . The goal of my work is to connect the viewer to children through a material linked play and creativity that is the dough. A turn is an invitation to know forms of nature and dreamscapes that lead the viewer to question his own account and causing generate new interpretations. My work is based on the long process of study , leading from the fragments of my memory that connects me directly with intuition. The idea to frame my paintings in dough, is intended to keep the memory of childhood and care for the work perpetuity. In short, it is a call to cherish the memory that in these times is very fragile. We live daily at high speed and not worry about our memories that shape our personal history .

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