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TZOA Wearable Enviro-Tracker Provides You with Air Quality Information in Your Environment

Do you have constant worry about air pollution around you? You might as well get TZOA, a wearable enviro-tracker that provides you with essential information about your environment. This smart tracker is equipped with sensor technology that detects UV exposure, air pollution level, and more. Pronounced “Zoa”, this small gadget joins the recent trend of wearable devices but with new approach, separating itself to new standard activity level and biometric measurements. Tzoa measures your personal environment starting from the air that you breath through the detection of harmful particles in the air. Not only that, it also detects visible light levels, temperature, humidity, UV exposure, and atmospheric pressure using a barometer.

While you wearing this device, TZOA contributes to a crowdsourced map of the air quality, pointing clean and dirty areas in real time. When you explore new areas that haven’t been mapped before, you can create a direct impact on the environment by building a powerful tool to influence environmental policy. This smart tracker aims to empower people by increasing their awareness about their environment, encouraging good habits to keep them healthy.

From : TZOA

TZOA Wearable Enviro Tracker

TZOA Wearable Enviro Tracker

Just we have said before, TZOA is a wearable device, designed to be worn on your jacket, backpack, or purse, well it fits your everyday wardrobe as well. Inspired by jewelry, the front part of this device has interchangeable detail that is crafted from steel or copper, reflecting high precision of the technology inside. Using light scattering and advanced algorithms, combined with smallest optical particle counter on the market, this is air quality sensor technology that makes TZOA tick. This device has the ability to count and size Particulate Matter (PM2.5/10) or “particle pollution” that can penetrate into your lung and cause permanent damage.

TZOA Wearable Enviro Tracker

TZOA Wearable Enviro Tracker

TZOA Wearable Enviro-Tracker Provides You with Air Quality Information in Your Environment is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design


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