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Fonts of the Month: January.As usual we bring you the best fonts...

Fonts of the Month: January.

As usual we bring you the best fonts released this past month. Seems 2015 will be a very active month on typeface releases, January was an incredible busy month for some type-foundries, and we got big launches of beautiful fonts.

One of the best part of a new font is: Discounts!. For the first time, almost ALL the fonts released have big discounts up to 90% off, so better check the details of this lovely fonts:

  1. Panton by Fontfabric (90% off)

  2. Salt & Spices Pro by Fontforecast (50% off)

  3. Frost by Fenotype (35% off)

  4. Burford by Kimmy Design (75% off)

  5. Wanderlust Letters by Cultivated Mind (30% off)

  6. Merlo by Blazej Ostoja Lniski (90% off)

  7. Spumante by Laura Worthington (30% off)

  8. Gloss Drop by Phospho (50% off)

  9. Amber by Eurotypo (35% off)

  10. Mairy by Typesketchbook (85% off)

  11. Sica by dooType (75% off)

  12. Mr. Darcy by insigne (50% off)

  13. Ciutadella Rounded by Emtype Foundry (50% off)

  14. Decima Pro by TipografiRamis (80% off)

  15. Espresso Beans by Indie Type (75% off)

  16. Spry Roman by Stephen Rapp (40% off)

  17. Tita Script by Latinotype (50% off)

  18. Nanami Pro by Thinkdust (90% off)

  19. Auberge Script by Sudtipos (35% off)

  20. Core Sans E (80% off)

  21. Cast and Crew JNL by Jeff Levine

  22. Grota Sans Rounded (88% off)

  23. Begum by Indian Type Foundry (50% off)

  24. Flat Sans by Schizotype (70% off)

  25. Colt by Fort Foundry (60% off)

If you like it, check the fonts of the past year:

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