Sunday, February 1, 2015

Creature Andrew Zuckerman "Andrew Zuckerman’s comprehensive...

Creature Andrew Zuckerman

"Andrew Zuckerman’s comprehensive photographic catalogue of the natural world began with the CREATURE project. Substituting his minimalist visual language for the conventions of traditional nature photography, Zuckerman extracted his subjects from their environments and recontextualized them in the clarifying white space to distill each animal to its most essential qualities. CREATURE is aesthetically rooted in the illustrative indexing of 19th century biologists and the dioramas of natural history museums, and shares their preservationist intent. In CREATURE, Zuckerman explores the notion of photography as taxidermy and the hyper-articulated images provide the viewer with intimate and vivid access to the animal kingdom, including a number of rare and endangered animals. Alongside scientific classifications for all of the species included in the project, the CREATURE collection provides a contemporary document of the animal kingdom at close range"

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