Thursday, February 5, 2015

Claude Weisbuch In painting, the twentieth century experienced a...

Claude Weisbuch

In painting, the twentieth century experienced a revolution: the birth and the triumph of the abstract.

For the first time in the pictorial history, the feeling was as important as the existing, tangible. This changed the criteria so expression of painters that even the greatest figurative twentieth century breathed a large share of their sensitive depiction of reality.

Figurative, Claude Weisbuch, a native of Metz in 1927, certainly is! But not only … His treatment of the gesture, his theatrics, the lead well beyond the simple representation; the edge of the interpretation.

Interpretation … A word that suits also perfectly to Weisbuch who made music one of his favorite subjects. It lends itself so well to its graphics, energetic and vibrant. Is that Weisbuch manages to achieve the feat of showing us the music. He puts on his canvas, distilled over his engravings or lithographs, the better it makes us hear the strings of the violin under the force of the archer.

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