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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

"Free Your Skin" Advertising Campaign for Schick Beards have...

"Free Your Skin" Advertising Campaign for Schick Beards have been trendy for a while nowю But like with every fashion, it comes and it goes. So it’s good timing for razor company Schick to launch a “Free Your Skin” campaign. Advertising agency Y&R New Zealand has created a humorous ad campaign that features men who have unfortunate animal beards. It carries the message that men need to shave their facial hair before it turns into an animal, and the Schick brand can “Free Your Skin”. Photographs for the ads are taken by Troy Goodall and Stephen Stewart, and are retouched by Electric Art .

The Graphic Continuum - Desktop Version

The Graphic Continuum - Desktop Version

This guy who rescues owls has one that refuses to leave

This guy who rescues owls has one that refuses to leave, and it goes around helping him with chores and letter shredding

These Parents Created The Most Epic Star Wars Bed Of All Time (10 pics)

When it comes to Star Wars themed beds, it doesn't get much cooler than this.

Creative Artworks of Romain LaurentArtist on Tumblr Delightful...

Creative Artworks of Romain Laurent Artist on Tumblr Delightful artworks of French photo-designer Romain Laurent Fresh, original photos, interesting ideas and a deep sense – that’s what distinguishes photos of Romain Laurent. We’ve included in the collection the latest, recently created photo session of this photographer – about people who are not afraid to walk under the slope and have their own opinions.

Bee’ah’s Sharjah Headquarters by Zaha Hadid Architects

After the 2013 international competition, Bee’ah has finally commissioned Zaha Hadid Architects to build the new Bee’ah’s Sharjah Headquarters that will rise in the Emirati desert. This Middle East’s leading fully integrated environmental and waste management company has invested in many infrastructures to transform attitudes and behaviors in individual, communities, business, and cities in order to achieve their environmental goals, and this project is one of them. The new headquarters is hoped to enable this company to manage and deliver further advancements in environmental services such as better and greater operational of Waste Management Center, Material Recovery Facility, Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling Facility, Tyre Recycling Facility that uses eco-friendly cryogenic processes, Compost Plant, and other recycling and material processing facilities. Designer : Zaha Hadid Architects Since this building will be standing in the desert, the design should respo

Electric Kettle Design by Iain McLean

Stylish electric water kettle has been designed to do everything a standard kettle will do, but also make the job of boiling a single cup of water extremely easy, quick and inexpensive. The innovative and patented lid system can be flipped out of the way like normal for large volume fills, or filled directly with one cup of water. On placement of the kettle on the base a siphon within the lid then transfers the water into to the main vessel. The design recognizes that most energy wastage comes from overfilling the kettle , and the key to avoiding this is to make it super easy for the user to fill with the right quantity, avoiding the overfill. People do not intentionally create waste, and will do the efficient thing as long as it is also the convenient thing. This kettle allows the user to fill the easy-to-see lid vessel through a large, permanently open, aperture and at an ergonomic angle. No more than placement on the base is then required to ensure that the lid empties into the heat