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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Me, My Sketchbook And Traveling I travel to distance myself from...

Me, My Sketchbook And Traveling I travel to distance myself from the anxieties of my own familiar landscape. New surroundings and cultures allow me to lose myself and to be immersed with the moment. My sketchbook is my most reliable companion during travels; sketching allows me to transcend to ‘another place’ and internalizes my experiences. Currently, I am working on publishing a book, titled ‘in-transit’ which will feature all my travel and commute sketches.Cherngzhi Lian is an Artist living and working in Singapore. He was born in 1979 and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Time-Based Media Studies from the Columbus College of Art, Ohio. He completed his Master of Arts in Design Development from The Ohio State University.

The Internet Is a Zoo: The Ideal Length of Everything Online

The Internet Is a Zoo: The Ideal Length of Everything Online

snake sphere

snake sphere

11 Housekeeping Hacks From The 1950s You Can Still Use

These old photos from vintage 1950s issues of Popular Mechanics show how homeowners have always been discovering clever ways to make life simple. And some of them still hold up today! 1.)Sturdy Tree Stand This design uses the tree's own weight to keep it upright, even when your cat decides to climb it as its own version of Everest. 2.) Grease Spatter Control Save yourself from having to clean your stove every time you fry up bacon and other splashy meat by covering up the unused burners with plates. We recommend regular dishes over the flammable paper options shown, however. 3.) Organize Your Drawers A place for everything and everything in its place using a label maker, simple masking tape and pen, or getting crafty with cute paint patterns and colors. 4.) Stick A Cork In It Sugary products still using corks still tend to get super sticky after the first use, and this solution is still the perfect way to avoid frustration. 5.) Get A Grip This is a sti

Honda CARpet : Futuristic Car Interior with Morphing Carpet

Honda CARpet features futuristic interior with morph ability to suit passengers’ needs. This innovative morphing interior so dynamic that you might feel this concept vehicle is alive, it will be implemented when vehicles have become fully autonomous and accidents are things that you only encounter in the past. The system focuses on human, it doesn’t strict itself from traditional interfaces. The interior consist of 2 elements: a carpet and a ball. The carpet is a flexible platform which can create any shape that you like, it’s a space where you have the freedom to do whatever you like, whether you are alone or with friends. You can play around with CARpet form to create intuitive and natural forms to enjoy the ride even more. The joy of traveling, this is the principle where Honda’s trying to bring back. This concept interior allows drivers to interact with passengers during the autonomous journey. Designers : Jonas Sandstrom, Seokmin Kim, Dmytro Zyubyairov, Rafik Ferrag, Jun Goto,