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11 Housekeeping Hacks From The 1950s You Can Still Use

These old photos from vintage 1950s issues of Popular Mechanics show how homeowners have always been discovering clever ways to make life simple. And some of them still hold up today!

1.)Sturdy Tree Stand

This design uses the tree's own weight to keep it upright, even when your cat decides to climb it as its own version of Everest.

2.) Grease Spatter Control

Save yourself from having to clean your stove every time you fry up bacon and other splashy meat by covering up the unused burners with plates. We recommend regular dishes over the flammable paper options shown, however.

3.) Organize Your Drawers

A place for everything and everything in its place using a label maker, simple masking tape and pen, or getting crafty with cute paint patterns and colors.

4.) Stick A Cork In It

Sugary products still using corks still tend to get super sticky after the first use, and this solution is still the perfect way to avoid frustration.

5.) Get A Grip

This is a still a great hack for almost any bottled household product, and can even be used for beverage coozies in the summer.

6.) Boot Storage

Snow boots, rain boots, and regular boot can all benefit from this storage process still. It keeps them from losing their shape and getting musty.

7.) Radiator Warmth

Homes heated with radiators can be still be used to warm up your baby's bottles, as well as wet snow shoes, jackets and other winter weather items. The bumper tip may be outdated for most cars now, but the porthole would make a cute place to keep your charging station in your home or outdoors.

8.) Heat Up

If your radiator isn't working quite well enough, you can add something reflective in between it and the wall to amplify the warmth. The toothpaste idea holds up, too, and can be done with a pen/pencil/anything cylindrical. The other two hacks are probably better left in the past.

9.) Table Mats

Unused linoleum pieces (in whatever pattern you prefer, the floral design isn't really mandatory) still make for great table mats and going the extra mile with the plywood makes them sturdy and longer lasting.

10.) Suction Cups

Most bath products come with this handy mounting option already these days, and the modern options tend to be a bit more effective than the slippery old days.

11.) Fireplace Poker

We definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND the toasting method on the other side, but the simple fireplace poker storage still holds up. Asbestos was unfortunately seen as a miracle-material before realizing its incredibly harmful effects.


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