Thursday, November 13, 2014

3D drawings by J Desenhos Facebook Artist João A. Carvalho aka...

3D drawings by J Desenhos


Artist João A. Carvalho aka J Desenhos draws amazing 3D notepad art that seems to leap off the page. On his popular Facebook page, Nas linhas do caderno , Carvalho shares progress shots of his drawings, encouraging others to share their artwork too.

Many of his sketches play with the signature blue lines of a notepad (most are manually drawn), bending and twisting the lines to give his characters depth. The pieces truly come to life when Carvalho applies shading, a skill he is clearly adept at.

Surreal Digital Illustrationsby Alfonso Elola on Behance /...

Surreal Digital Illustrationsby Alfonso Elola

on Behance / Facebook

Alfonso Elola is a digital artist and illustrator in Madrid, Spain. His work embodies a gruesome realism, as he is a lover of composition, complexity and spaces full of details that are tinged with a powerful light. His work reads between the lines of a surreal, anatomical story with notes of triumph.

Castle Bidache ruins.

Valeri Tsenov - Arte

Recojo una muestra de las obras de "Valeri Tsenov", si te gustan y quieres ver más pásate por su web y o su facebook.

digital squares

digital squares

from the archive >:)

from the archive >:)

Arizona Pays Tribute To The Troops (6 pics)

Veteran's Day is a day where people in America pay tribute to all who have served in the military. All around the country veterans are honored with touching tributes like this one that took place in Arizona.

An Expensive Surprise Marriage Proposal (4 pics)

A Chinese programmer wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a special way on the “singles” day in China that is referred to as the anti-Valentines’s Day but he went a bit overboard…

He bought 99 iPhone 6’s costing $82,000 to make a heart on the ground and stood waiting for her with a bunch of flowers. Sadly she did not appreciate the gesture and she walked away from him instead.