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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Deronda Residence by Space International

Space International designed the Deronda residence, located in Los Angeles, California. Description from Space International: This custom residence lies near the apex of Beachwood Canyon, in the Hollywood Hills just under the shadow of the Hollywood sign. Utilizing the existing footprint of a previous home, this new residence is comprised of two main rectangular volumes which are shifted off-axis from each another to accentuate the difference in program which lies within. The more public “living” areas of the house are situated on the ridge of the site, so as to take advantage of flanking outdoor spaces which are designed as extensions of the living dining, and kitchen areas. Large expanses of sliding glass panels connect these spaces to the adjacent terraces and views beyond, inverting the interiority into an open, covered outdoor room. The more private sleeping and bathing areas are situated in an enclosed cantilevered bar, which hovers over

Pokemon guides 1999 (8 Pics)

Artists Spent Almost 2 Years Carving This Epic Forest Landscape Out Of Wood

Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based artistic duo, has unveiled their “Overlook” woodcut print, an epic work of art that they spent the last 2 years (on and off) designing and making. The dedicated duo, which runs the Tugboat print shop, painstakingly cut trees, leaves, grasses, rivers and mountains into a board measuring 28 in x 46 in (71 cm x 117 cm). The dizzyingly detailed vista is then printed with three colors. “A panoramic infinity will be suggested by the print’s ability to eventually meet itself seemlessly at the edges,” explain the artists, “expanding like an eternal ‘wallpaper’ into an ever stretching vista!”