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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Match Candle : A Concept Candle with Integrated Match Tip

Although match box has become an archaic product, we still think about it when we are about to light a candle, especially when there’s a birthday cake. Match Candle device is a concept candle with an integrated match tip, all you need to do to light the candle is striking the candle on the strike strip of the box. You can lit the candle conveniently without match or lighter. The candle tip is made of chlorate, manganese dioxide, sulfur, and glass powder while the strike strip is made of red phosphorus mixed with glass powder. Designers : Cui Zehao, Chen Xing, Hu Chuan, Yang Fan, Zhang Wei, and Zhao Xiaoshen Match Candle : A Concept Candle with Integrated Match Tip is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

The Urban Oil Fields Of Los Angeles Are Disturbing (24 pics)

Los Angeles is one of the most populated cities in the United States. It's also one of the biggest oil refineries in the country. These Los Angeles citizens have had to learn to live side by side with giant machines and methane pockets all over the city they call home.

Words Which Have a Different Meaning Now to What They Used to (20 pics)

Snuggies are like the wet suits of surfing the web. Which one's cuter? They're both an acquired taste. Which type do you prefer? Do you like the direction this word is headed in? I see. Does that make unwanted comments graffiti? Love what you've done with the place where you keep those icons. Wow. I totally forgot about pagers. At least the spider's web is easier to get out of. Is there an application application yet? The only thing harder to keep track of than those kids are these new definitions. The second certainly seems better for the environment. I see the connection. I remember that. the originals certainly taste better. Do you follow? I was wondering why it was so hard to find the appetizers. We're all in this together. I like the one that has less cleaning involved.

Alchemy of Tea

Alchemy of Tea

Aeromobil Flying Car with Collapsible Wings Fits Any Standard Parking Space

Henry Ford once says that there’ll come a day where an airplane and a motorcar combined into one. It looks like that day is not that far from now, Aeromobil has designed and developed a real flying car, yes, the company already has a working prototype. This concept flying car has been designed to make use of existing infrastructure which is created for standard cars and planes, it opens a new way to travel. Developed in Slovak Republic, this sleek and lightweight vehicle even fits a standard parking space, thanks to its collapsible wings, you can fill the fuel tank at any gas station. You can ride it on road traffic while as a plane, it can both take off and land at any airport worldwide. From : Aeromobil The ambition is about to become real, the third generation of the prototype is compact, stylish, and comfortable for both driver and passenger. It took 20 years in development, but it’s well worth the wait, a vehicle that combines the performance of a sports car yet with