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31 More Of “Damn You Autocorrect” Horror Stories


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OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Looks Pretty Magical

OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker, just like its name suggests, it’s a personal audio speaker that defies gravity, it floats above its magnetic base. One of the main goal here is to design an iconic Bluetooth speaker, something that represents magic, making the impossible possible. Each detail has been carefully designed and developed to make sure the speaker turns out to be as beautiful as it is functional, well, do you think the design team meet their goal with this device?

It is elegant and meticulously engineered, it’ll look magical no matter where you place it. The orb speaker has been designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, the high quality material makes this device feels solid, not too light yet not too heavy. It emits true stereo sound where you can hear every high and low without external distortion thanks to OM/ONE levitating driver.

From : OmOne

OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

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Visual Customer Service in the Social Age

Visual Customer Service in the Social Age

Why Men And Women Think Differently: This Guy Nails It

He definitely NAILED IT!

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1969 Poster of space mission (18 Pics)

Unusual horse colors

The Cremello Akhal-Teke

This Ahkal-Teke horse makes the rounds on /r/pics periodically, so I thought I'd show you guys some of the other awesome colors horses can come in. This is cremello, a creme color base with blue eyes, but not albino or white. This is a result of the creme dilution gene, which has several variations.

Dappled Grey

Grey is an unnatural color in horses that is a result of artificially selected breeding. All grey horses will eventually fade to white, including the one pictured here. What differentiates a white-grey from a true white horse is all greys have black skin. A true white horse has pink skin.


Pinto is the combination of white and another solid color. The combinations very greatly. This is a black/white pinto.

Buckskin Pinto

Dappled grey pinto

Blue roan

Black base with silver/blue.

Red roan

Bay Brindle

Grey brindle

Chocolate Flaxen

Classic Champagne

Champagne is a dilution gene, similar to creme. Classic champagne is black base diluted by the champagne.

Gold Champagne

Chestnut base diluted by champagne gene.


A creme gene variation. Perlinos have a more reddish color, especially in the mane and tail.



A buckskin variation.

Leopard spots

Commonly associated with Appaloosa horses, there are a couple breeds that are spotted, including the Danish Knabstrupper.


A combo of two solid base colors, this is very uncommon.

Red rabaicano


Silver buckskin

Sooty on chestnut

There are many more color variations, but this is a good subset.

Harker Street by Greg Wright Architects

Greg Wright Architects have designed Harker Street, a beach house located in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.


hs_270814_03 hs_270814_09 hs_270814_12 hs_270814_14 hs_270814_15 hs_270814_17 hs_270814_18 hs_270814_22 hs_270814_23 hs_270814_26 hs_270814_27

Project description

Sited on an exceptionally steep piece of land on the bluff above BI Beach in Plettenberg Bay, the challenge with this project was always going to be how to make a beach house “live” across a vertically driven program. As a wonderful counterpoint to the challenges faced by the extreme topography, it was the steepness the site that offered the extensive, uninterrupted, panoramic views that extend beyond 180 degree vistas from Robberg Reserve in the South right around to Keurbooms lagoon in the North, the trick was how we balanced the two.

The program was unpacked in such a way that the living area filled the widest of the vertical platforms that was created so that kitchen, dining and living rooms as well as a guest bedroom could open onto a generous, partially covered terrace that made the most of the panorama described above. Pergolas, braai area, canopies level changes and the swimming pool offer a variety of “zones” that can be occupied in various manners depending on whether the terrace is used for a quiet spot of lounging or entertaining friends and family.

The ground floor plays home to garages, staff quarters and a timber and stone clad entrance volume and stairwell; an intermediate level houses 2 other bedrooms and a small TV lounge whilst the top floor plays host to the master bedroom suite that completes the program.

Whilst unashamedly contemporary in the architectural language and interior detailing, a palette of timber and natural stone temper the building both inside and out. The materials are intended to weather into a series of greys and driftwood tones intended to ground the house in its coastal context.

Not only grey though, the house plays host to “green” components as well; the systems of the house are complemented by a series of sustainable features such as rainwater harvesting, PV panels with batteries amongst others.

hs_270814_01 hs_270814_03 hs_270814_04 hs_270814_05 hs_270814_06 hs_270814_07 hs_270814_08 hs_270814_09 hs_270814_10 hs_270814_11 hs_270814_12 hs_270814_13 hs_270814_14 hs_270814_15 hs_270814_16 hs_270814_17 hs_270814_18 hs_270814_19 hs_270814_22 hs_270814_23 hs_270814_24 hs_270814_26 hs_270814_27 hs_270814_28 hs_270814_29 hs_270814_30 hs_270814_31 hs_270814_32 hs_270814_33 hs_270814_34 hs_270814_35 hs_270814_36

Architects: Greg Wright Architects

Photography by Kate Del Fante Scott