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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Couin de Vacque by Jamie Falla Architecture

Jamie Falla Architecture have recently completed Couin de Vacque, a family home located in Guernsey. Project description Replacing a dilapidated 1950′s 2 storey villa, Couin de Vacque is the reinterpretation of the local vernacular longhouse, providing sustainable low energy and low maintenance 5-bedroom family home, which nestles into its sloping site at the top of the escarpment on the south coast cliffs. The home runs along the south boundary which enables it to open out to the view to the north-east. A large expanse of structurally glazed doors connect the living spaces to a large courtyard and infinity pool; capturing the evening sun from the west. The courtyard also connects to a detached study block which forms a screen and gate-house to the wind swept site. Five bedrooms and ensuites are located on the first floor. The design and orientation of the building maximises views of the stunning landscape from all principle rooms.The palette of top lit spaces,

FEM (Flexibility, Exchange, Motion) : Smart Transportation System to Replace Individual Transportation

As an autonomous transportation system, FEM features flexible mechanism that offers new perspectives for urban environments. FEM stands for Flexibility – Exchange – Motion, every word that represents this concept vehicle to replace individual transportation and create better green living spaces. The transportation system has the ability to communicate with citizens, thus allowing for better flexibility, just like your personal vehicle. Each citizen owns a FEM-card that automatically connects them to the system where they can map their journey ahead of time. Since there are no stopovers or fixed routes, FEM responses to your individual need, it creates routes based on your need. Each system is limited to 26 people only so that congestion can be avoided, you can feel comfortable and enjoy the ride. Designers : Simon Koch and Erik Herr The scenario is that every person should be able to enter their point of destination using the FEM card, the system then calculates the best route a

The Summer House Vestfold by Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Architects

Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Architects designed a summer house in Vestfold, Norway. Project description The Summer house is located on the coast of Vestfold in the southern part of Norway. The house replaces an older building at the site. To get the planning permit, the project had to be well adjusted to the terrain, both in terms of shape, scale, material and color. The house and terraces are partly built upon existing stone walls, the parts of the walls which are new are made of stones from the blasting at the site. The low elongated volume is cut into to allow for wind shielded outdoor areas, embraced by the house itself. These cuts also bring down the scale of the building, and together with the local variations of the section, make the building relate to the surrounding cliff formations. On the outer perimeter of terraces and pool, a glass fence also protects against wind, but allows for maximum view. The house is clad with Kebony wood, a sustainable process of treating