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Paper cuts by Eiko Ojala, a renowned illustrator and graphic... crss

Svetlana Tiourina - Arte

Recojo una muestra de las obras de " Svetlana Tiourina ", si te gustan y quieres ver más pásate por su web y/o su facebook .

Landfill Harmonic

" Landfill Harmonic " es una orquesta musical de Paraguay, donde jóvenes músicos tocan instrumentos creados a partir de basura. Facebook . Más información en: experimenta_magazine .

Salt and Pepper Shakers Feature Transparent Body and Ergonomic Design

This is stylish and trendy salt and pepper shakers design. The main feature lies in its shape, the body is ergonomically designed for easy handling and you can easily see what is filled inside weather salt or pepper. It looks like kind of similar to the design of salt and pepper shakers by anoop joseph , don’t you think? Designer : Anoop M Tuvie has received “Salt and Pepper Shakers” from our ‘ Submit A Design ‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication. Salt and Pepper Shakers Feature Transparent Body and Ergonomic Design is originally posted on Tuvie

The Charted Cheese Wheel

The Charted Cheese Wheel

Chrono Dashboard Inspired Watch Looks Like WALL-E

A futuristic car dashboard inspired Peter Fletcher to design Chrono Watch . As you can see, this watch features 2 linked round digital dials, a digital display form that you usually can find in a car. The time is displayed in similar style to the conventional clock, the left side consists 12 LEDs that display the hours, while the right side also consists of 12 LEDs that display 5-minute groups. The single minutes are displayed by four LEDs at the center of display, including the information of AM/PM. The unique frame gives this watch a unique robotic look, you might remember WALL-E when you see it. Chrono dashboard inspired watch features organic, smooth, bio-mechanical feel body. It has robotic appearance that makes it futuristic and calls out the inner geek inside us. Designer : Peter Fletcher for [ Tokyoflash ] Chrono Dashboard Inspired Watch Looks Like WALL-E is originally posted on Tuvie

Tea Houses by Swatt Miers Architects

Swatt Miers Architects have designed a group of Tea Houses in Silicon Valley, California. Project description Years ago, when the owner and his young daughter explored the remote hills surrounding their Silicon Valley home, they discovered an idyllic setting below a ridge, under a grove of large Californian Live Oaks. They first thought the setting would be perfect for a tree house, but the idea later evolved in the Tea Houses, places where one could retreat into nature. There are three, each with its own purpose: meditation, sleeping and ‘visioning’ or creative thinking. Each tea house is designed as a transparent steel and glass pavilion, hovering like a lantern over the natural landscape. Cast-in-place concrete core elements anchor the pavilions, supporting steel channel rim joists which cantilever beyond the cores to support the floor and roof planes. With its minimal footprint, the design treads lightly on the land, minimizing grading and preser

Jellyfish Lake (25 pics)

Jellyfish Lake is a marine lake located on Eil Malk island in Palau. It is notable for the millions of golden jellyfish which migrate horizontally across the lake daily.