Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tootsie Roll Cash Gift


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  2. Thank you! I am deed this for my neighbor for New Year 2020. I am sure I could have figured it out after an hour or you protected me a lot of time!
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  3. According to Dissertation Help UK Gifts containing a hidden surprise are some of my favorite gifts. If the person loves candy, Tootsie Rolls are a creative way to surprise someone with money.
    It’s incredibly easy to roll up cash to look like Tootsie Rolls.
    First, unwrap a Tootsie Roll and eat it. You won’t be needing it. Save the wrapper though!
    Fold a dollar bill into thirds, then fold into half, in half again, and in half again for a total of five folds.
    Wrap the folded bill with the Tootsie Roll wrapper you saved. Twist the ends to make it look like there is a real Tootsie Roll candy inside. No glue. No tape. It’s that easy peasy.