Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Cutest Couples in the World (26 pics)

These people have corny totally figured out.

The creator of the chicken nugget bouquet.

Whoever sent this love note.

These shopping cart masters.

(And these, too.)

The keepers of this fort.

This adventurous wife.

This poet.

This couple.


The boyfriend who stocks the glove compartment with all the essentials.

This romantic.

These kids at heart.

This deep thinker.

The creators of the ultimate pizza party.

The girlfriend who packs lunch with flair.

The husband just trying to keep things exciting.

The very best gift-giver.

The girl who turns her boyfriend’s sleep-talking into art.

The husband who knows EXACTLY what to do when there’s an ice cream sale.

The boyfriend who slipped into something sexy.

The guy who knows just how much his wife misses him while he’s gone.

And the girl who left her boyfriend a homecoming surprise.

The guy who’s keeping the romance alive.

And the girl who is actually 100% good at this.

These free sample pros.

This jokester.

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