Thursday, November 6, 2014

Illustrations and Rock Sculptures by James Jirat...

Illustrations and Rock Sculptures by James Jirat Patradoon

Artist on Tumblr

Stranglehold, at Sydney’s First Draft Gallery, is an exhibition of new drawings and screenprints by James Jirat Patradoon, exploring his take on fantasy hyper-masculinity with portraits inspired by slasher movie villains, pro wrestlers, biker gangs, and Elvis. This series examines notions of deferred mascullinities: confused and misdirected rites of passage informed more by cartoons and action heroes than by reality itself. Drawn in a style influenced by the comics and cartoons of his youth, Jirat Patradoon’s images of fist-fights and tough-guy bravado consider the idea of violence as the purest form of masculine statement and its integral place in the male mythos

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