Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mountain View by Tim Stewart Architects

Tim Stewart Architects have recently completed Mountain View, a contemporary house located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia.











Project description

The Mountain View project is the encapsulation of the clients desires to build a new home for themselves away from the claustrophobic confines of the inner-city. Perched on a 5000 square metre site the building celebrates the spaciousness and porosity of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The series of sprawling pavilions allow the house to address the picturesque views over the Glasshouse Mountains through a range of diverse and unique conversations. Moments within the building offer quick glimpses to the immediate surrounds, whilst others provide the visitor with sweeping panoramic views into the distance. On approach a strong sense of attachment to the location is established with the horizontal roofline drawing reference to the captivating landscape behind.

The significant challenge of the design was addressing the South facing views and accordingly allowing light into the building from the North. The response was to incorporate a North facing deck and a series of apertures that provided light and warmth to the central living spaces.

Of major significance to the overall comfort of the house, was the need for the building to provide both prospect and refuge to the client. This is achieved by blurring the threshold between inside and outside through open planning and the significant incorporation of glass. Furthermore the ability to open and close the envelope quickly in accordance with the outside condition allows the client to maintain this connection to the surrounds whilst adapting to the various climatic conditions the exposed site presents. The materiality of the build also reflects this synergy with the brick and block work anchoring the house into the site and the floating timber decks accentuating the connection to the outdoors.



The ability to open and close the envelope quickly in accordance with the outside climatic condition allows the client to maintain a connection to the surrounds whilst having control over the comfort levels within the house. Accordingly this operability and porosity gives the benefit of control over the levels of natural ventilation within the house, minimising the reliance on artificial temperature control.


During the design process, long term local residents of Mountain View Road mentioned the trend of new houses being built obstructing views and destroying the “feel” of the area. By keeping the building to a single story spread over a larger footprint the design has reduced the visual obstruction of the Glasshouse Mountains to the neighbouring properties.


A key focus of the design was to ensure that the design allowed the house to capitalise on the views of the site. In terms of property prices and resale, it was apparent that to ensure the best economic outcome the house needed to address the views to the Glasshouse Mountains, without blowing out the build cost or wasting any opportunities.

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Architect: Tim Stewart Architects

Photography by Christopher Frederick Jones

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