Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Makeshift Mirror Time Capsule (5 Pics)

When Redditor davbeck temporarily removed his bathroom mirror to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls of his new house, he probably didn’t expect to find anything, let alone a secret window to the past. While this “window” didn’t lead to any physical time travel, it did however give the new homeowner a look at what the world and the house was like more than a decade earlier. Take a look!

Through photographs, newspaper clippings, and a personalized note the former homeowners were able to share their experience living in the home with its new occupants.

Surprise, indeed.

The old owners enjoying life.

According to davbeck, the home actually looks quite different today. It must be hard for them to imagine that the house they currently live in once looked this way.

This newspaper clipping is more somber than the rest of the things included in the makeshift mirror time capsule, but it’s an important reminder to enjoy each day we have on this earth.

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