Monday, September 22, 2014

Apartment with Green Walls by SVOYA Studio

SVOYA Studio have designed an apartment with green walls in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.










Project description

The space of the apartment, its benefits often determine the style and features of the future interior. We were fascinated and inspired by the views of the River Dnipro from the many windows.

The idea of the interior was based on it, the interior, despite its pithiness and restraint, is quite eclectic. The austerity of shaping and finishing are diluted with the loft and vintage d├ęcor.

Our task was to create a comfortable and ergonomic space saturated with elements of contemporary art, the space of the apartment is divided into logical zones of owner’s bedrooms with bathrooms and space of a living room with a kitchen which leads to a small study.

The transit between rooms is oriented so that right from the entrance the window framed panels of vertical gardening overlooks the city. Creative process was harmonious and we understood each other well. Also we were lucky to have well coordinated work with the construction company eliminating any difficulties in realizing ideas.

The most complex and interesting process was engineering problems with implementation of the idea of vertical gardening panels with a complete cycle of self-service. We used wood, concrete panels and panels with vertical gardening in the finishing.

The living room with the kitchen is famous for its panoramic view to the River Dnipro. Creating the interior design of the apartment with luxurious views to the River Dnipro, we wanted to make an accent on this advantage. We have created this conceptual oasis due to the vertical gardening on the area between the windows, which served as the portal from a cozy apartment to the metropolis.

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Design: SVOYA Studio – Denis Sokolov, Valeria Sokolova, Tatyana Lazovaya, Julia Martinenko, Artem Martinenko

Photography by Tanya Kovalenko

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