Saturday, August 16, 2014

Strange and revealing backstage requests by famous musicians (15 Pics)

Frank Sinatra

One bottle each: Absolute, Jack Daniel’s, Chivas Regal, Courvoisier, Beefeater Gin, white wine, red wine. Twenty-four chilled jumbo shrimp, Life Savers, cough drops.


Juicy baked chicken, heavily seasoned: garlic, sea salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. Beyoncé can only have Pepsi products.

Axl Rose

Fresh Wonder Bread (white), Dom Perignon

Busta Rhymes

Twenty-four pieces of fried chicken, Rough Rider condoms, Guinness.

Billy Idol

One tub I can’t believe it’s not Butter!, Pepperidge Farms Soft Baked Nantucket Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Lady Gaga

Small plate of cheese (nonsmelly, nonsweaty), on ice.

Britney Spears

Fish and chips, McDonald’s cheeseburgers without the buns, 100 prunes and figs, a framed photo of Princess Diana.

Nine Inch Nails

Two boxes of corn starch.

Foo Fighters

Big-ass kielbasas that make men feel self-conscious.

Mariah Carey

Cristal Champagne, bendy straws.

Marilyn Manson

Gummi bears.


Coffee and tea setup, including honey, lemon, sugar, cream, fresh ginger root. Physician will be used to administer a B-12 injection.

New Kids On The Block

Häagen-Dazs ice cream, Oreo cookies.

Van Halen

Herring in sour cream, large tube of KY jelly, M&M's (Warning: absolutely no brown ones).


Hard-boiled eggs, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, at any time throughout the day.

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