Sunday, August 10, 2014

Horse Stable Converted Into Contemporary Live-Work Space

E/L STUDIO have recently completed the conversion of an 1800′s horse stable into the Naylor Court Studio/Residence in Washington, DC.


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Project description

An 1800’s horse stable is transformed from an empty shell on a neglected alley into a classic shop-house with architect’s storefront studio and living quarters above. The studio is a void set back from the alley by an interstitial zone separating entrances for work and home.

A rolling gate and folding glass wall spanning the width of the old carriage opening enables the interior to open completely to the street and expands the space from alley to garden in warm months for events. A narrow volume containing stairs and storage frames the interior, creating a buffer to the residence. A floating volume on the second level contains baths and kitchen.

Structural reinforcement in the ceiling is accentuated with a series of coves which define the public area. A skylight above the stairs brings light to both levels by means of a translucent box.

Much of the historic character of the stable is preserved and highlighted including exposed heavy timber structure, masonry and horse tether rings.

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Design: E/L STUDIO

Photography by Pepper Watkins

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