Friday, July 25, 2014

LV House by A-cero

A-cero have designed a new single-family house in Madrid, Spain.









From the architects

With a different aesthetic criteria that characterize the studio managed by architects JoaquĆ­n Torres and Rafael Llamazares. This house designed by A-cero is provided outdoors and indoors with high standard quality materials and furniture.

This house with an approximate built up area of 1000 sqm is divided into three floors.

When we get into the house through the distributor hall we got surprised by the amazing staircase that connects the three floors. Downstairs the more The public areas like dinning and living room are placed in the ground floor as well as the kitchen and the service area. The property also has an elevator. The top floor is reserved for the bedrooms. There is a master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room and 4 other bedrooms also with its own bathroom.

In the basement we find the garage, an entertainment area which is perfect to meeting people and also the indoor pool with gym.

The project is characterized by its simplicity and its blend of classic style with modern flair.

The property is located on a large landscaped garden and a swimming pool with organic shapes.

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Design: A-cero | Joaquin Torres & Rafael Llamazares

Photography by Plasmalia

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