Thursday, July 10, 2014

Helicopter Base by NBJ Architects

NBJ Architects have designed a helicopter base for The Helicopter Group of Civil Security of Nîmes-Garons in Nîmes, France.






Project description

The Helicopter Group of Civil Security of Nîmes-Garons required an extension regarding its future activities. The principal idea was to reconquer space by a better distribution of the buildings in order to find an optimized scale for the buildings and the outdoors areas.

Our first action was to reconsider the current landscape and to bring a functionnality to external intallations which had to create spaces of quality and a global logic of circulation within the establishment- everything must be connected. Thus, the project is articulated around the following axis: the concept of flexibility, the scale of the place, the creation of a coherent site within the respect of the environment. Several key points were considered: the hangar, workshops and store.

he_100714_01 he_100714_02 he_100714_03 he_100714_04 he_100714_05 he_100714_06 he_100714_07 he_100714_08

Design: NBJ Architects

Photography by © Paul Kozlowski

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