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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Before and after Haircut (2 pics)

Haircut changes a lot.

The Cairns Institute by Woods Bagot and RPA Architects

Woods Bagot in collaboration with RPA Architects have designed The Cairns Institute in Townsville, Australia. Description The Cairns Institute gives concrete expression to James Cook University’s aim to become one of the world’s leading research universities in the tropics. As a repository of regional knowledge and research capacity, the institute is perfectly positioned to make a significant contribution to the development of a sustainable quality of life for tropical communities. The Woods Bagot design team, in collaboration with RPA Architects, designed a building that represents its place and its context in a new and exciting way. Attracting the best researchers was the central aim of the university, so it was crucial that the proposed building will create an environment that optimises the working experience so people love engaging with the building. Intrinsic to the design is a celebration of the rainforest setting and enrichment of the place experience. An evolving landscap

Find The Best Group Exercise Class for You

Find The Best Group Exercise Class for You

Optoma ML Concept Projector for School by Jules Parmetier

Optoma ML concept projector has been especially designed for educational market . This powerful standalone LED projector features built-in speakers, Microsoft Office viewer, and a media player. In order to make it more user-friendly, it is equipped with a touchpad to simply all physical interface of the device. All settings and tuners are displaying on the projected digital interface, furthermore, both touchpad and MS Office viewer allow user (teacher/student) to project and control the presentation without the need of a mouse and a computer. Save any lesson on a Flash Drive or an SD card easily and you are ready to go. User can also take advantage of wireless projections since Optoma ML concept projector is equipped with a WiFi connection, simply connect with smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. The touchpad is located at the center of this projector since it’s the main element that communicates the standalone aspect of this device. The top surface “cutout” unifies the touchpad

Tangible Light – RIMA Lamp Allows You to Interact with Your Desk Lamp

Rima Lamp features minimalist and clean lines, slender shapes with exquisite materials. It’s a desk lamp that combines smart design and state-of-the art technology, inspired by the idea of tangible interaction. This concept lamp provides you with individual and flexible lighting, there’s no need for conventional on-off switch. You can adjust the position and dimension of the illuminated areas by moving 4 rings stringed to the 90cm long fixtures in horizontal direction. To turn the LEDs on or off, simply move the ring, it’s as easy as drawing a curtain. This newly developed technology is based on LEDs connected in series which are controlled by a processor. There are optical sensors that detect the position of each ring, the smart processor will limit the power supply to the LEDs located between the 2 rings, in this way, only those LEDs are switched on. Designer : Matthias Pinkert You can gradually switch on the entire light by sliding the first ring to the right. When you adjust