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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Failed Attempts At Sexy Photos (22 pics)

SOME SERIOUSLY FAILED SEXY PHOTOS Source The post Failed Attempts At Sexy Photos (22 pics) appeared first on Seriously, For Real? .

LenteScura - Arte

Recojo una muestra de las obras de " LenteScura ", si te gustan y quieres ver más pásate por su espacio en DeviantArt.

Measuring Google AdWords Conversions

Measuring Google AdWords Conversions

Book Passages (14 pics)

S3TR Streeter Concept Personal Vehicle for Urban City Area

S3TR Streeter is a concept of single person vehicle for urban city area but is also capable of traveling in short distance routes outside. The distance range depends on battery type and capacity but falls between 20 and 40 kilometers. One of the major requirements during design process was to include great fun while driving , so airplane-like controls and tilting mechanism to steer (like flying or skiing) are incorporated into this vehicle design to provide the right amount of fun for its rider. Second important requirement was the ability to fold fast for easy transport, and when folded, this concept vehicle should measure approximately as regular suitcase. Steering is performed depending of selected mode; by leaning the vehicle at the side of a direction (tilting mode) or by simply moving the control column at the side of a turn while the vehicle and foot rests remain steady (fixed mode). Tilting mode is normal operation mode, more appropriate for normal and high speeds while the f

40% Discount on Cool Infographics Book Pre-Orders

40% Discount on Cool Infographics Book Pre-Orders

Concept Cordless Drill by Slobodan Cvijetić

We just got a design submission from Slobodan Cvijetić, this industrial designer has sent us his latest project Concept Cordless Drill . The drill features 3 switches, one is the power button, the second is the power settings knob which located at the top of the tool, and the third one is used to replace traditional switch to change the direction of drilling. The third knob is actually where the battery located as well, you can simply twist it to adjust the direction of the drill. Unfortunately the rechargeable battery hasn’t been designed to be removable. Both the motor and battery are housed in the handle of the drill, it’ll stand upright when you place it on any surface. The ergonomic design of this handheld cordless drill makes it easy and comfortable to use. Designer : Slobodan Cvijetić Tuvie has received “Concept Cordless Drill” project from our ‘ Submit A Design ‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication. Concept Cordless Dri