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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Creative Fixes (25 pics)

SOME CREATIVE WAYS TO FIX THINGS Source The post Creative Fixes (25 pics) appeared first on Seriously, For Real? .

Bear Cubs Play on a Slide (5 pics)

Caravisio Concept Caravan by Knaus Tabbert

Caravisio Concept Caravan from Knaus Tabbert is a project to raise the interest for camping which unfortunately has been declining for years. Caravanning industry has offered new and interesting concepts to encourage people to enjoy camping as a form of holiday making, but unfortunately those caravan concepts stay just concepts. This time, Caravisio takes different approach to provoke thought and solve problems faced by travelers, it’s a caravan of the future. Caravisio concept caravan has been designed and developed together with an expert group of industry-established and external suppliers and designers in order to come up with a possible development of future caravan . The work lasted for about 2 years, from sketches to completely designed and assembled caravan, it is also equipped with sophisticated today’s technology. The interior layout features single beds at the front arranged in V-shape which can e turned into a double bed using a mattress extension. This position allows f

Student Flat by Tengbom Architects

Tengbom Architects have designed a 10 square meter student living unit that is currently being exhibited at the Virserum Art Museum in Småland, Sweden. From the architects Tengbom Architects has designed a student flat for students which is affordable, environmental-friendly and smart both in terms of design and choice of materials. The project is a collaboration with wood manufacturer Martinsons and real estate company AF Bostäder. To meet the needs of students in a sustainable, smart and affordable way was the key questions when Tengbom in collaboration with students at the University of Lund was designing this student flat of 10 square meters. The unit is now displayed in Virserum Art Museum. In 2014, 22 units will be built and ready for students to move into. To successfully build affordable student housing requires innovative thinking and new solutions. The area in each unit is reduced from current requirement, 25 square meters to 10 square meters through legal consent. This