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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

DIY Special Effects for a Horror Movie (9 pics)

Finger amputation tutorial. Step 1 Make a small sausage of nose wax and apply it over your knuckle. Blend into the edges. Try to get your actor to stay still! Step 2 Create the cut. If you do it properly you'll be able to open and close the wound on the joint. Step 3 Seal with latex. When the latex has dried, brush over it with loose setting powder. Be sure to keep your finger bent so the edges of the wound do not touch and stick together. Step 4 Paint the prosthetic. Begin with the wound. I chose to have some exposed bone and tissue. I recommend using skin illustrator or similar alcohol based make up. Step 4 Con't Add spatter. Use skin illustrator or similar product and a stipple brush or sponge. Step 5 Add blood! Fill the wound with blood and cover the appendage. There will also be spatter on the hand and surrounding digits. Step 5 B Less potato version of step 5. Side view Here you can see the depth of the wound. It's advisable t

Paws vs. Claws: Social Media Explained

Paws vs. Claws: Social Media Explained

Renault Twizy Cargo Is Especially Designed to Carry Goods Around The City

Twizy Cargo is the new addition in Renault Twizy family . It’s a new version designed specially to carry goods, you can tell from its large boot and door design. It’s a smart and fun way to delivery goods all around the city. As one of Europe’s best selling electric vehicles, Twizy presents cargo version that is able to accommodate a capacity of 75kg, the rear door opens up to 90-degree for easy access. The door features locking system that works with ignition key. This urban vehicle could be the ultimate delivery electric transportation, its compact size makes it easy to park and cruise around in crowded traffic. In terms of safety, this vehicle features the same high standard as a conventional vehicle, it has 4-point seatbelt, a protective cabin, and airbag. Designer : Renault Renault Twizy Cargo Is Especially Designed to Carry Goods Around The City is originally posted on Tuvie

How Startup Funding

How Startup Funding Works infographic

Kita Drachenhöhle by Baukind

Baukind have designed a kindergarten/day care for Kita Drachenreiter in Berlin, Germany. Description Design Idea The natural design in shape, material and colors support the pedagogical concept of the kindergarten. The combination of natural material with a simple, clear design brings calmness and organization into the daily routine. The existing space oft the previous use were integrated in the architectural design. The walls of the former salt sauna were conserved. The theme of nature and landscape is also found in wall tiling and painting. Multifunctional areas and elements were created (Platforms for playing area and caves; tables as a shop for kids). Design: Baukind Photography: Marcus Ebener

Amoje Food Capital by Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid has designed a food court named Amoje Food Capital for the Lotte Department Store in Seoul, South Korea. Design: Karim Rashid Photography: Lee Gyeon Bae