Monday, August 5, 2013

Top 50 Animated GIFs for Every Situation

1. When your mind is blown

2. When you’re feeling sarcastic

3. When you’re feeling proud of yourself

4. When you’ve had enough Internet for the day

5. When you see something that pleases only you

6. When you want to slowly back in/out of a conversation

7. When something deserves a thumbs down

8. When you can’t believe what you just saw

9. When you are in complete agreement

10. When someone needs to GTFO

11. When you are genuinely surprised

12. When someone needs to stop complaining

13. When you are feeling utter disappointment

14. When someone needs to mind their own business

15. When you regret nothing

16. When you are feeling happy

17. When someone makes a witty comeback

18. When swag is oozing out of every pore

19. When you’re not sure what you just heard

20. When something is about to be be good

21. When you are getting progressively angrier

22. When Haters are Gonna Hate

23. When You Can’t Decide

24. When something is absolutely perfecft

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