Thursday, August 1, 2013

Italy's Earthquake Ravaged Ghost Towns

You'll have heard, no doubt, of Pompeii, the Roman town perfectly preserved in a moment when nearby volcano, Mount Vesuvius, erupted. The townspeople had no time to flee and when the lava hit, they and their houses were preserved for thousands of years. Slightly lesser known, however, are the ghost towns dotted around other areas of Italy that were created by earthquakes. From artist communes; to film locations; to the plain spooky; these Italian ghost towns are truly sublime.

Romagnano al Monte

A very recent addition to the Italian ghost town collection, Romagnano al Monte was a small village in Salerno that was destroyed by the Irpinia earthquake of 1980. The earthquake claimed 3,000 lives. The astute villagers chose to relocate rather than rebuild, and moved a few kilometres away to a safer area, but the bulk of the town remains. In the 2000s, the area became a tourist attraction. Despite only being 30 years old and being littered with the remains of electricity wires and modern conveniences, the town already feels like a medieval ruin.


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