Friday, August 9, 2013

Generator Hostel Barcelona by The Design Agency

Toronto-based The Design Agency have designed the Generator Hostel in Barcelona, Spain.



In Barcelona’s Gràcia district, a short walk from Antoni Gaudí’s Casa Batlló apartments, Generator Barcelona marks not only the rebirth of a building, but also the emergence of the Generator brand. The interiors of the 1960s office building have been completely gutted and rebuilt in a way that demonstrates the tremendous creativity that is being invested in this brand and in each location. The Design Agency has collaborated with local architects, suppliers and artists, creating unique supergraphics, fantastic, unusual light fixtures and signature “G” sculptures.

As a flagship, Generator Barcelona combines both a hostel and a hotel. Similar to Barcelona itself, its interiors are a tapestry of layers and styles. Sleeping accommodations are simple and comfortable and some offer private roof terraces with fantastic views of the city. The public areas encourage guests to hang out and mingle, in a series of lounges offering varied seating options and styles, establishing comfortable nooks and socially engaging experiences.

Entry through its main doors towards the left leads guests to the warm and energetic hotel lobby and a rear bar with a vibrant mix of textures and patterns including ornate Hungarian concrete floor tiles and earthy raw metals and woods, over which float 300+ lanterns inspired by Barcelona’s annual Festa Major de Gràcia by local artist, Julie Plottier. The vibrant colors were inpsired by Barcelona’s energy and sunlight.

Towards the right of the entry is the hostel lobby with an internal pavilion that was inspired by Barcelona’s nautical history. Splayed, 23-foot high wooden boards recall the ribs of a ship’s hull. It has also been dubbed “the Bird Cage”, an association accentuated by its three hanging loungers with neon colored accent pillows by Barcelona design company, Woouf!.

A feature staircase winds its way up through the Bird Cage to a glass balconied mezzanine overlooking the hostel lobby. Here guests can relax in the library where the main attraction is a photobooth that enables them to take a spontaneous retro-style photo strip with friends, and to also upload the pictures to popular social media outlets. Alternatively, guests can entertain themselves with a selection of board games and other curiosities, or use the games room with a pool table, foosball table, loungers and Internet stations.

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Design: The Design Agency

Graphic Design: The Design Agency / Carlos Coido, Ibinser

Local Project Architect: Ibinser

Photo Credit: Nikolas Koenig

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