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A Nova York dos anos 40 em fotos sensacionais

New York City on September 27, 1941

Horse and cart: Men and boys are seen collecting salvage on the Lower East Side on October 4, 1941
Daily life: This street seen from October 3, 1942, is just one from a huge collection by Charles W. Cushman
Pub: McSorley's Old Ale House, still open today, is pictured on East 7th Street on October 7, 1942
Compared: McSorley's Old Ale House in the East Village today, hardly changed from the above photo
Park life: A suited man walks through Bowling Green in lower Manhattan on October 1, 1942
Smoking: Three homeless people from South Ferry doss houses are in Battery Park on June 6, 1941

Around town: A portable soft drink stand at Bowling Green on October 1, 1942, left, and a Lower East Side street scene on September 27, 1941, right
Hosepipe: Looking up Fulton Street from South Street in downtown Manhattan on September 27, 1941
Business as usual; A street in Chinatown, left, and another in lower Manhattan, right, both pictured in October 3, 1942
Downtown life: A man looks out from Battery Park on June 6, 1941, while a horse and carriage can be seen at the lower end of Broadway on October 1, 1942
Boat trip: The Statue of Liberty is seen across the water from downtown Manhattan on June 6, 1941
Looking up: A tower of Brooklyn Bridge is seen from South Street in Manhattan on September 27, 1941
Say cheese: Residents of lower Clinton St near the East River on a Saturday afternoon in September 1941
Shops: Near the corner of Broome Street and Baruch Place in the Lower East Side on September 27, 1941
New Yorkers: These two, left, live in a big new housing project near the East River and are pictured on October 4, 1942 - while a woman, right, sits in front of a doorway in the Lower East Side in the same month
Barrels: People walk on a sunny day on the corner of Pearl Street on October 7, 1942
Chinatown: Chinese store windows are pictured in New York as men walk past on October 7, 1942

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