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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

3D printed Exoskeleton shoes ain’t meant for walking!

 Prasad: 3D printing may not be at the level where it can print out food or readymade good just yet but that isn't stopping pioneers from experimenting in that direction. Created by Janina Alleyne, UK-based fashion footwear designer, the collection of shoes, including pairs called The Exoskeleton, The Reptile and The Scorpion, are all printed out via a 3D printer and the crafty high heels promise to usher in an era of customized shoes with their advent. 3D printed shoes by Janina Alleyne Using 3D modeler Inner Leaf, three very unusual sets of shoes were printed out by the designer in separate pieces which were later joined and finished by hand. With a set of sinister teeth-like finish at the end, texturing that makes the shoes look like bones and very pointy edges, the shoes look like a cross between an ivory antique and an alien artifact. 3D printed shoes- The Exoskeleton The strappy shoes are offered in platform wedge heels and a scarily delicate pum

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