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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Biomorphic House by Pavie Architects

Here is another new futuristic free-shaped structure by Architect Ephraim-Henry Pavie , Biomorphic House . Hand made green house, soft and sensitive biomorphic architecture for a magical environment. The Biomorphic House is facing the Mediterranean Sea from its 1000-meters high, the panoramic bay windows have been shaped like amazing sunglasses overlooking the sea. The Nurbs-like glazing surfaces provide ideal support for mounting the brand new kinds of transparent Photovoltaic-cells. The electricity produced by such an area of PV-Cells units is to be converted in Hydrogen (through a self powered water electrolyze process) and compressed into containers for a later use. This zero-emission pilot-project includes the development of a Hydrogen powered PEM-Fuel-Cell generator, providing electricity while the only "emissions" are reusable heat and pure water. Designer : Pavie Architects The curvaceous and organic skin of Biormorphic house developed Pavie-Architecture Compan

La Balade Des Gnomes, a truly magical bed and breakfast hotel for adventure lovers

 Kaur Walia: Creativity should not only be limited to the inside of a dwelling, which happens in most of the cases as the outer skin is always given a plain and box like look. But, instilling magical ambiance in the way a residence can emerge is Tim Burton with the mesmerizing La Balade Des Gnomes, a bread and breakfast hotel situated in Durby, Berlin. Bed & Breakfast Picture Gallery Bed & Breakfast Magical Bed & Breakfast Makes For The Ultimate Life Adventure The whimsical hotel has been fashioned like a cow made up of a variety of wooden creations, which will force people to book a stay once they spot the eccentric creation. Where ever you turn your eyes, you will see nothing but wood that give the structure a rustic as well a natural appeal. It is nothing like the concrete structures we reside in, be it our home sweet home or even a five star hotel. The design has been conceived in a way, which spills a lot of creativity and looks nothing less than a piece

Beanie Plex movie theatre in Malaysia

 Plex is a movie theatre in Malaysia for Couples or two persons if you want to buy a single ticket (its also available at RM 38). A nice place to visits and watch the movie.