Saturday, April 14, 2012

La Balade Des Gnomes, a truly magical bed and breakfast hotel for adventure lovers

 Kaur Walia:

Creativity should not only be limited to the inside of a dwelling, which happens in most of the cases as the outer skin is always given a plain and box like look. But, instilling magical ambiance in the way a residence can emerge is Tim Burton with the mesmerizing La Balade Des Gnomes, a bread and breakfast hotel situated in Durby, Berlin.

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Magical Bed & Breakfast Makes For The Ultimate Life Adventure

The whimsical hotel has been fashioned like a cow made up of a variety of wooden creations, which will force people to book a stay once they spot the eccentric creation. Where ever you turn your eyes, you will see nothing but wood that give the structure a rustic as well a natural appeal. It is nothing like the concrete structures we reside in, be it our home sweet home or even a five star hotel. The design has been conceived in a way, which spills a lot of creativity and looks nothing less than a piece of wonderful art that is worth every penny spent.

The living experience inside the La Balade Des Gnomes will leave you enriched with everlasting memories. It comes coated with the same fun as one feels while stepping into a tree house, which creates altogether a different zone injected with traits that will make all age groups go gaga. The awesome wooden construction will leave you smitten and trigger to revisit the place again as you get transported to a different world, which is cozy and worth embracing.

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