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Warm Shoestrings : Dry Your Wet Shoes Through Their ShoeStrings

Warm Shoestrings concept is a unique way to dry your wet shoes. Instead of using electric shoe dryer, it dries your shoes from the shoestrings. Would this be possible? Well, you can read the explanation from the designer below.

The base of the design is the material that conducts electricity, self heats and emits heat. The material is flexible, elastic and resistant to any mechanical impact that is packed in a special safe nonflammable case. It looks esthetically good and almost doesn't differ from normal shoestrings (has a variety of textures and colors). The only visual difference is colorful isolating caps on the metal ends of shoestrings (pins). They help user to determine which pin should be connected to which socket of the controller.
The controller unit is light and needs little space in a bag or pocket. Apart from power line connection the controller also provides shoestrings heating up to the necessary temperature ("The iron" principle- it heats up to the certain temperature and then maintains this temperature level). The heated air temperature ranges between 40 and 60 °C. The heated air goes into the inside through the upper part of the shoe and through air gaps.
The big advantage of the "Warm Shoestrings" is their location. They are always with the shoes that might need drying, and therefore they are highly portable. It's possible to start a drying process anytime and anywhere if you have a power line connection and "Warm Shoestrings".
Designer : Alexey Chugunnikov
Warm Shoestrings by Alexey Chugunnikov
Warm Shoestrings by Alexey Chugunnikov
"Warm Shoestrings" may be used by sportsmen, rescuers, military men, workmen…Those people, whose calling or profession is connected with long hours on foot, outside or in severe climate conditions. That's the reason why their shoes need special care.
"Warm shoestrings" will definitely be helpful to parents of the future discoverers and researchers, and also to people who experience discomfort from sweating. "Warm shoestrings" will provide elderly people who take care of their health with dry and warm shoes.
Warm Shoestrings by Alexey Chugunnikov


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