Friday, August 3, 2012

Rescue Water Filter Features Modular Filter to Suit Geographical and Emergency Needs

 pollution is really serious issue, many designers are concern with this as well, that's why you will read from time to time concept water purifier device on our site. Rescue water filter transforms life-threatening dirty water into potable water. This device comes in handy especially in disaster areas because natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes or hurricanes result in the pollution of water resources. It is composed of different modules that serve as carbon filters, you can tell each module function based on the color. Each module contains special activated carbon filter layer to target a specific element or pollutant.

Unique feature of this water filter is the ability for the user to customize the filter module. Rescue water filter can be altered to suit any geographical and emergency need but there are 3 basic modules which are the standard inclusion: 2 basic activated carbon filter modules and 1 layer that filters stones, soil and the like.

Designers : Yang Jidong and Chen Yao

Rescue Water Filter by Yang Jidong and Chen Yao

Rescue Water Filter by Yang Jidong and Chen Yao

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