Gaultier stamped Ben Hur Chariot Chair adds a fun vibe to your office

 S Saxena:

Streamlined, mechanic and romantic at the same time - this jazzy piece will catch attention as soon as you walk inside any room. The chair reminds you of the plush thrones from Roman Palaces or the vivid chariot seats from Ben Hur. Look at the chunky "Gaultier" brand on the seat. Yeah, you got it right, this lush chair bears the trademark of the ace designer, Jean Paul Gaultier. Who wants to bet that savvy fashionistas are now interested in buying this chair? Moreover, the seat is a clever blend of masculine and feminine design elements, so men as well as women will be equally interested in it.

Ben Hur Chair
Ben Hur Chair

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Ben Hur Chair
Ben Hur Chair by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Sturdy as ever, these seats have a tough laminated aluminum structure. The fabric upholstery also looks very royal as it is done up in a rich velvety textile. The upholstery is available in four jeweled tones of red, blue, yellow and green. This chair was actually designed to commemorate the company's fiftieth anniversary and was crafted especially for Roche Bobois.

Not very sure if everyone will be comfortable sitting in one of these chairs and working all day long but the seats will definitely add to the look of your office. You can prop them as additional chairs inside a cabin or even set them out in the waiting area. Plus, if you want to talk to someone sitting a few seats away from you, just swivel the chair and roll towards them. People who are fond of stately interiors, lux pieces, gladiator fights and Roman mementos, will be fawning over the seat.


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