Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Google's self driving car allows safe mobility to the visually impaired


Google, the internet giant is back to amaze people with yet another fantastic creation. This time, they have developed a technique for the blind to drive safely, without ever bumping into anyone else. The self driving car boasts of expert guidance in terms of driving and steering the car on the roads.

Google's self-driving car
Google's self-driving car

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Google's self-driving car
Google's self-driving car allows the blind to drive

Unveiling the concept in October 2010, Google brought great power to the visually challenged people. The car is ideal for blind people who don't have a companion to accompany them or drive them around. The car expertly makes use of cameras, radars and lasers in order to maneuver their way through the ongoing traffic.

The conceptual car was tested when Mr. Mahan, who is 95 percent blind, had an outing to purchase tacos and other things by driving down to the grocery store on his own. He literally joked around saying, "Look Ma, no hands!"The idea behind the futuristic concept is very simple and Google likes to keep it in wraps till the time they are not sure of its true worth. But nevertheless, it's a brilliant concept, given the conglomerate's past track record to always stay abreast of technology.

Well it's definitely funny, but a great idea for those who really will be benefited by this amazing concept. Steve Mahan's major challenge now is not to drive the car but to avail of a driving license. The Self-Driving car for the blind promises to be breath of fresh air in the oncoming years. Though, Google is yet to test the car for further enhancements and up gradations.

Google's self-driving carGoogle's self-driving car allows the blind to drive

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