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Alternate Perspectives: surreal landscape photography by Randy Scott Slavin (19Pics)

hundred pictures of a scene to build up a 360 degree image before stitching them together to make a stereographic projection.

"Hand of God", a beach is seemingly held in a huge rocky hand.

"Sea and Moon" while driving on the Florida coastline. As the sun was setting there was a moment maybe lasting for ten seconds where the sunlight was so golden it felt unreal

"Big Sur". Northern California is a magical place where epic elements collide

"Battery Park", New York

Battery Park Night, New York

Palms, Florida

Redwoods, Big Sur, California

Everglades, Florida

Tudor City Night, New York

Cell, Rocky Point, New York

Fore, Florida

In a Glass, Connecticut

Train Tracks, Connecticut

Dock, Westport, Connecticut

In Dreams, Florida

In Dreams II, Florida

Alice, Florida

Photographer Randy Scott Slavin on Camelback Mountain in Arizona

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