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Moments Google Street View cars never meant to capture

 A crowd gathers around the injured victim of an accident in a picture from Jon Rafman's Nine Eyes of Google Street views, which collates images caught by the company's cars as they mapped the world
A boy falls from his bicycle as he rides in the Wujie Township, in the Yilan area of Taiwan
A woman appears to be naked at the edge of the sea at this Italian beach while a man in Ireland has an interesting way to welcome the car to this estate in Ireland

Bad timing? What could be a body is seen in the rear of this pick-up truck as the car goes by in Winnipeg, Canada
What appears to be a prostitute touts for work among Spanish lorry drivers in the town of Santa Perpétua de Mogoda
 A wild reindeer runs down the road ahead of the car in a remote area of northern Norway
A kit of pigeons takes to the air as the vehicles passes the Herois de Franca, in Matosinhos, Portugal
Smoke billows into the air and flames lick from the rear of a camper van as it burns on a residential street in Rio de Janeiro, captured from one of the nine cameras mounted to the car

 An elderly gentleman can be seen twice on the Rue Valette, a street in the town of Pompertuzat, near Toulouse. The effect can happen because of the nine cameras mounted on the car all taking an image at the same time

A man from the Canadian city of Toronto hides behind a lamppost as this man in New York appears triumphant as the car passes
A group of men wear masks and appear to pose for the camera as the car photographs the outskirts of Nacozari De Garcia in Mexico
A man is seen among woodland close to Nacozari de Garcia
A group of men flee down the Victoria Highway near Gregory in Northern Australia after the Victoria River burst its bank

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  1. Those are not pigeons in the Portugese photo. Try sea gulls instead!

  2. them are my niggaz up in the victoria highway on some drugs